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Ballooning has come a long way from the earlier instrument packages which featured the standard aircraft altimeter and vertical speed indicator. Our new Digatron DT-34B instrument panel is the state of the art in digital displays. We are particularly pleased that Digatron asked us for our input when they designed their instrument. Although they already had planned on having an altimeter, variometer, and temperature windows, we would like to think that the forth window, which has a multi-function timer/stopwatch, came to be because of our suggestions regarding the importance of timing every flight.

The four display unit is very compact and easy to read and operate. That is where its simplicity ends. It is a fully functional flight microprocessor and it is all packed in a small aluminum case. It informs and records all balloon flight data, taking the guess work out of your flight.

The upper left display is the altimeter and the upper right display is the variometer. The lower left display shows the envelope and ambient air temperatures. The bottom right window has three functions. These functions are a stopwatch (with a lap function), timer, and delta temperature display.

The power switch has three positions, on/off/on. This means if you do not have a full charge on one battery, and are in mid flight, you can switch to your second battery.

This little flight computer also has a memory. It stores maximum values, along with per flight values, of the altimeter, variometer, and envelope temperature. It also keeps track of total time in use.

All this versatility mounts unobtrusively, but conveniently at eye level on the burner support of your Avian Balloon. The DT-34B Flight Computer is standard equipment on all models.


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